Free trial


Installing the software is very easy and is done in few minutes.

We recommend that you try the software with the demo database : you can search for records, print lists, etc. without having to enter data first.

Demo data

The BiblioMaker software is delivered with a demo database. On startup, the software automatically opens this data file and displays a dialog box that lets you choose the version and the modules you want to try. Demo data are not time-limited.

Real data

You can also create your own data file and enter data : click on the Create a new file button in the startup dialog box. You get a message asking you to register the activation key. But trying the basic functions of the Light version does not require an activation key. If you want to evaluate other versions of modules, we will be glad to deliver a free temporary activation key.

After the evaluation period (60 days), you have to order a definitive activation key if you want to continue to use the data file you have created.

For any question or if you need a temporary activation key, please fill up the following field, then the form below with your address.

These fields are automatically filled out by your profile, if you have an account.