SupportChoosing a tool for managing your library is very important, as it is a long-term process. This is why you must count on a serious partner, anytime. People at the Support Division collaborate in a friendly way with BiblioMaker users. Advices, assistance, training, setting up, technical support, data migration: our team is a real partner helping you being successful.

Trainings are organised in your office, with your data, by remote desktop connection or with one of our consultants.

If you'd like us to customise the application or if you need advice or a free demo, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We stay at your disposal, either for installing the application, for supporting you by email, phone or remote desktop connection.

Take advantage of our preferential price for all support operations!

With the update subscription, you get the latest software releases.

Krios Switzerland Ltd. is our partner for hosting BiblioMaker, from CHF 33.- per month !


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