Add-on modules

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Many additionnal functions enhance the main functions, as for instance the download of records from the web, the online catalogue, loan management, acquisitions or thesaurus management.

Your library is unique. Your requirements are not the same as those of another library.

This is why we have created a software package containing add-on modules which cover the various functions. Thus, you can use only those modules that you really need. This allows for a cost-effective set-up and a smoother learning process

  • The BiblioMaker application is available in several versions and modules. You will thus find a combination that suits your needs!
  • Upgrading versions is very easy: just enter a new activation code (a kind of password) in the software and pay only the difference between versions. In the same manner, add modules, buy the client-server version and so on.
  • Each module can be used on several local or remote workstations simultaneously.

This add-on module allows you to accelerate cataloguing. Instead of entering information manually, download it very easily from the online catalogue of other libraries.

Publish your catalogue on the internet or on your local area network with the help of the integrated web server.

This add-on module allows you to register title loans, renewals, reservations and returns.

This add-on module allows you to enter in your catalogue the titles you have ordered and to manage your acquisitions budgets.

Manage a hierarchical directory of subject headings with the help of this add-on module.

This add-on module manages antiquarian books. It is destined to private people and to institutions (libraries, museums…).


It is recommended to wait before installing a major update of your operating system.

BiblioMaker 6.1 can now be downloaded. You will find here some information about this update.

BiblioMaker 6 contains a "Favorites bar" that lets you access the most used elements with a single click. Discover how to customise this bar....