Antiquarian Books

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This add-on module manages antiquarian books. It is destined to private people and to institutions (libraries, museums…).

  • When cataloguing an antiquarian book, describe its specificities : publisher, printer, bookbinder, previous owners, possibly contributors who helped to buy the book, link it to other titles dealing with this book…
  • Most of these information are saved in a controlled index, so as to guarantee the data coherence
  • Easily find your antiquarian books with several criteria (for instance all books published by a particular publisher, all parchments, the books with a binding from the XVIth century, the books printed in a given town…)
  • If you have the Loan management module, you get the list of researchers who have borrowed the book or the institutions that have exhibited it.

The module has been developed for the Martin Bodmer Foundation in Geneva. This foundation is worldwide famous for its library owning thousands of antiquarian books, incunables, manuscripts, papyruses…





When cataloguing an antiquarian book, enter additional information about your copy : publisher, printer, bookbinder, material (paper, parchment, papyrus…), binding type, list of previous owners, link with other titles dealing with your book…

Data entry is controlled by the system in a majority of fields: possible values are displayed as pop-up menus in order to keep the data clean.

  Cataloguing template for an antiquarian book


Search form  


Find your antiquarian books using several criteria :

  • Author
  • Words from the title
  • Publisher
  • Printer
  • Bookbinder (and also the binder kind and period)
  • Name of the previous owner
  • Other linked titles
  • Etc.

A search result can be printed as a list.



  • The BiblioMaker application is available in several versions and modules. You will thus find a combination that suits your needs!
  • Upgrading versions is very easy: just enter a new activation code (a kind of password) in the software and pay only the difference between versions. In the same manner, add modules, buy the client-server version and so on.
  • Each module can be used on several local or remote workstations simultaneously.
Module: Antiquarian Books
  • Management of 1500 titles
  • Possible extension for managing more titles - without limit
CHF 75.-
EUR 60.-
Module: Antiquarian Books

The Standard version contains the same functions as in the Light version, plus the following ones :

  • License for an unlimited number of titles
CHF 800.-
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Module: Antiquarian Books

The PRO version contains the same functions as in the Standard version, plus the following ones :

  • License for an unlimited number of titles
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