Download of records

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This add-on module allows you to accelerate cataloguing. Instead of entering information manually, download it very easily from the online catalogue of other libraries.

  • Enter the ISBN of the title you want to catalogue and tick the online catalogues you'd like to query
  • In the corresponding title record, select its text and download it with one mouse click
  • Repeat the download with the book cover and the abstract

You save precious time when cataloguing. Moreover, you can be confident that the data have been entered with great quality.





Searching a title record on the web

Query several online catalogues simultaneously

Searching a title record on the web is this easy: enter the ISBN of the book you want to catalogue (either by typing it or by scanning its barcode) and tick the online catalogus you want to query - if you select several catalogues, you have more chances of finding the record you are looking for. After some seconds, the application displays the corresponding record in the online catalogues.

  Search form by ISBN


The found record  

Download of title records

With three mouse clicks

Downloading title records is as simple as searching for them: select the title record's text, then click on the "Paste record" button. BiblioMaker analyses the text and puts it into the corresponding fields. If necessary, the application creates entries in the indexes (authors, series, subject headings…).

Add the abstract from an online bookshop in two mouse clicks.

Finally, get the cover picture.

Downloading records has never been so easy !


Save time and get high-quality data

By downloading title records, you save precious time in your daily work. Moreover you have the guarantee of high-quality data. Indeed, the records you download have been entered in large libraries by professional librarians.

  Catalogues' logos


The catalogues that can be queried  

Query further catalogues

By default, the application can query a dozen online library or bookshop catalogues. But what if you'd like to query another catalogue? In this case, create your own query syntax and data conversion rules thanks to the editor integrated in the application. With help of the z39.50 and SRU protocols, you can access thousands of library catalogues worldwide.



  • The BiblioMaker application is available in several versions and modules. You will thus find a combination that suits your needs!
  • Upgrading versions is very easy: just enter a new activation code (a kind of password) in the software and pay only the difference between versions. In the same manner, add modules, buy the client-server version and so on.
  • Each module can be used on several local or remote workstations simultaneously.
Module: Download of records
  • Management of 1500 titles
  • Possible extension for managing more titles - without limit
CHF 75.-
EUR 55.-
Module: Download of records

The Standard version contains the same functions as in the Light version, plus the following ones :

  • License for an unlimited number of titles
CHF 800.-
EUR 595.-
Module: Download of records

This module is included in the main functions of BiblioMaker PRO!