Loan management

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This add-on module allows you to register title loans, renewals, reservations and returns.

  • Register the loans, returns, renewals and reservations with help of a barcode reader
  • The application displays screen alerts if necessary
  • If a reader asks for it, you can get his/her past loans
  • The application generates reminders to readers and loans statistics





Entering loans

Register loans, returns, renewals and reservations with a barcode scanner (not included) or with the keyboard if the number of daily loans is low.
The application displays alerts in several cases: if a reader has lent too many titles, if he has overdue loans, if his contribution is are not valid anymore, if the reader must pay a fine. Moreover, the amount of a possible fine is calculated automatically following the rules you have set up.
You register the payment of fines in the application and later print a list of cashed in amounts. An optional receipt printer may be used.


Reminder letter  

Follow-up of loans

Follow-up of loans is greatly simplified, as you can with a few mouse clicks, print a list of overdue loans and automatically generate reminders (by mail or e-mail). You can similarly inform readers who have reserved titles when their reservation is available.



You can easily print loan statistics, as a table or as a pie chart. Statistics are divided by title or reader categories. Thus, you know what kind of reader borrows the most titles or what title category has the most success, and this knowledge may influence your acquisitions policy.

Statistics are also useful when eliminating older titles and help you define priorities.

  An example of generated statistics



  • The BiblioMaker application is available in several versions and modules. You will thus find a combination that suits your needs!
  • Upgrading versions is very easy: just enter a new activation code (a kind of password) in the software and pay only the difference between versions. In the same manner, add modules, buy the client-server version and so on.
  • Each module can be used on several local or remote workstations simultaneously.
Module: Loan management
  • Management of 1500 titles
  • Possible extension for managing more titles - without limit
CHF 150.-
EUR 110.-
Module: Loan management

The Standard version contains the same functions as in the Light version, plus the following ones :

  • License for an unlimited number of titles
CHF 1 900.-
EUR 1 410.-
Module: Loan management

Same function as in the Light version. Additional functions:

  • License for an unlimited number of titles
  • Access to the loans statistics file for more detailed analyses
  • Daily and not only monthly statistics
CHF 1 900.-
EUR 1 410.-