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Why choose BiblioMaker ?

There are many library automation systems on the market : from generic solutions to custom software. Acquisition costs can vary by a factor of one hundred.

The choice you will make is crucial, as you will be committing to a process that must lead to success, without pitfalls.

This web site aims to guide you in your choice. It lays out the functions of our software package but also highlights what sets BiblioMaker apart from other solutions.

Swiss made, international norms
In line with international practices

The software has been developed in Switzerland, according to international practices : ISBD cataloging rules, use of standard classifications such as UDC and technical norms such as HTML, import of records using the MARC format, etc.
Furthermore, the application can be used in English, French, and German. The online catalogue also offers Italian.
By using BiblioMaker, your library conforms with international norms. Customer references

Independence of platforms
Windows or Mac ?

You can use either. Whichever your current infrastructure is, if you wish to change it, if you would like your colleagues to freely choose their working tool, BiblioMaker functions seamlessy on both platforms. It is quite possible to use our software on a mixed network, with both Windows and Mac computers. In a multiuser environment, even the server may be chosen freely.
You can also access your data via the web or by VNC with tablets such as the iPad.

Speed and power

Waiting times are annoying. BiblioMaker has an extremely rapid response rate, independently of the data volume. The application is based on a solid database engine which optimises performance on multiprocessor machines in server environments. The volume of data that can be managed is unlimited. The workload is spread in an intelligent manner between the clients and the server and this allows a large number of simultaneous connexions to the server. Moreover, the server does not need to be equipped with specific server software, which leads to significant savings.

Your data is of great value

A system’s management of your library should be precise, always exact and verifiable. Thanks to numerous entry controls, BiblioMaker ensures that the existing data is coherent, without sacrificing a flexible work process. Within the application itself, there is a maintenance center which, in a very user-friendly manner, can carry out backups and data verification. The backup system logs all the modifications that have taken place since the last backup was performed. This allows restoration of your data as it was seconds before a potential hardware breakdown.

Local and Remote Support
Assistance, hotline and training

As local players, Micro Consulting and partner companies are able to quickly respond to any needs that arise and offer a full range of services : hotline, remote maintenance, as well as private or group training sessions delivered by qualified professionals.
Thanks to remote maintenance, our technicians intervene as if they were beside you!

Simplicity and elegance
The importance of ergonomy

Creating a user interface is an art. It must simplify complex issues to the utmost so that they become transparent. A good user interface is sober, clean and aesthetically pleasing, without compromise as far as performance is concerned. This is the guideline that our development team has been following for the last twenty years. The resulting accessibility guarantees that day to day work will be comfortable and that learning and set-up phases will be short. Also, in case of personnel turnover, training costs can be kept to a minimum.

Regular updates

Your investment must last over time. BiblioMaker is constantly evolving : at the level of incorporating changes in practice, in terms of integrating new functions, taking advantage of new hardware and also to ensure compatibility with new Windows or Mac OS operating systems.

Remote access
Safe Internet connection

It is of course possible to remotely access your server via Internet.
Both the single user and server versions of the application offer secure publication of data. Thus, you can consult your catalogue on the web, on your iPhone or Android smartphone, or on your iPad.
Wherever you are, you can work with BiblioMaker using your iPad and accessing your remote computer screen thanks to iTeleport® or other VNC clients, to be found on the App store.

Onscreen help
Complete PDF reference handbook

The software is described in detail in an exhaustive manual and accompanying documents. These can be accessed directly from the application and may be printed if so wished. The manual has a «Guided tour» section which describes the most essential information in around thirty pages. This allows you to quickly become familiar with your new tool.

What makes BiblioMaker so special?

BiblioMaker has a unique user interface and very practical functions you won't find in other similar applications. Discover these subtil details that will change your daily work. These unique functions are flagged with this green logo.

User interface
A deeply thought ergonomy

BiblioMaker’s user interface is unique and has the elegance of simplicity. Data is presented succinctly in list form. The on-screen information is that which each user has selected, in their preferred order.  With a double click, the user enters the record’s input screen. There are but nine command buttons. Despite this minimalist interface, BiblioMaker offers a surprisingly rich array of possibilities.

Selection and Search
Sophisticated selection tools

Simply with the mouse, you can select a series of records. You can do a rapid search or construct personalised, multi-criteria search statements using all the data fields that exist throughout the application. You can search within a limited selection of records, add the search results to the selection or on the contrary take the search results out of a given selection… There are unlimited possibilities.
The search operation will then show the found items in list form. One can then simply choose the command to be used on this group of records.

Bulk processing
Edit several records at once

The «Apply» command is another such unique function. It is particularly effective when a same value needs to be changed in a large number of records. It is also very useful when undertaking global changes, such as changing the localisation of a set of documents when there is a move, renewing loans for a class of pupils, reorganising reader categories, updating your showcase in the web public search…

Document editor
Create and customise as much as you wish

You can create and customise many types of documents such as lists, cross tables, and graphs, including lists of new acquisitions, label formats, orders to suppliers, reminders, expenditure status reports, etc. The editing tools are easy to use and do not require any programming knowledge.

  • The BiblioMaker application is available in several versions and modules. You will thus find a combination that suits your needs!
  • Upgrading versions is very easy: just enter a new activation code (a kind of password) in the software and pay only the difference between versions. In the same manner, add modules, buy the client-server version and so on.
  • Each module can be used on several local or remote workstations simultaneously.

The application contains several hundreds of functions.

  • Management of any kind of title
  • Management of digital resources
  • Numerous automatic controls during data entry
  • Simple and complex searches
  • Sorting on one or several criteria
  • Classification management
  • Subject headings management
  • Series management
  • Management of authors with referrals
  • Management of readers' and suppliers' addresses
  • Printing of numerous predefined lists
  • Predefined export and import formats

Many additionnal functions enhance the main functions, as for instance the download of records from the web, the online catalogue, loan management, acquisitions or thesaurus management.

Available PDF documents: 


It is recommended to wait before installing a major update of your operating system.

BiblioMaker 6.1 can now be downloaded. You will find here some information about this update.

BiblioMaker 6 contains a "Favorites bar" that lets you access the most used elements with a single click. Discover how to customise this bar....