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A clear vision of your library
Simple and intuitive library management system

The software is available in three versions adapted to all library sizes:
Light, Standard and PRO



For small libraries with simple needs.



For larger libraries needing further flexibility in printing options



For libraries with bigger needs, for instance in serials management

Thanks to the software, manage all the activities of your library

BiblioMaker makes it easier for you to enter the references of your documents by importing this data from other online catalogs, and assists you in managing the classification of your library and keywords.

Searching for documents by combining various criteria and printing lists is a snap. But that's not all, as loan registration and tracking is available as an option, as well as online catalog publishing to allow your readers to find relevant documents remotely.

Other functions are offered, such as document acquisition management with budget control.

In short, a complete software that has remained easy to use!

Simple, Efficient, Clear

Priority is given to user comfort: the screens are uncluttered thanks to an interface that first presents the information, files, headings, searches and reports that you use most often.

The software adapts to you, not the other way around!


Developed specifically for the Swiss market since 1987 by Micro Consulting SA in Mont-sur-Lausanne, the BiblioMaker software is used by more than 300 libraries in Switzerland and abroad.

In local...

The software runs natively on Mac and Windows. You can use them on a single computer, on a heterogeneous network, on a local or remote server.

... in the cloud

Your data is securely hosted in a data center in Switzerland. You can access your data from anywhere, and from any Mac or PC.

Modular and scalable

Thanks to its different versions and interactive modules, BiblioMaker covers a wide range of libraries:
- Public libraries

- School libraries

- Companies (law firms…)

- University institutes

- Museum libraries

- Administrations

- NGOs

- Private persons


Native macOS M1 and Windows 11, locally or in the cloud, for stunning performance.

98% of satisfied users

Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, some of our customers have been with us for over 35 years.

For your fiduciary

Free access and switching from one accounting system to another in one click.

Library automation & data analysis

With a professional word processor, you can edit your letters, emails and newsletters with unlimited creativity. And the software is able to generate various statistics on the state of your library and your activities: number of documents acquired this year with a breakdown by genre, number of active readers, statistics on loans and on the consultation of your online catalog, etc.


They trust us


« Utilisé dès le début de l’informatisation du fonds, BiblioMaker a su s’adapter aux différentes évolutions du fonctionnement de la bibliothèque de l’Institut Jaques-Dalcroze. Il a également toujours suivi les évolutions informatiques du domaine.  »

Soazig Mercier

BiblioMaker users say :

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