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Customize View mode

When you start up BiblioMaker, you see the last opened file in "View" mode (for instance Titles, Addresses or Loans). But did you know that you can customize this display ?

The "View" mode displays the data of a file (for instance Titles) as a list. Each record is displayed on a line and each field is displayed in a column. For instance, the Addresses file displays 6 columns : photo, code, surname and name, town, type and category.

You can customize this view doing one of the following operations :

  • Resize the window : use the full screen estate by resizing the window. This is done as in any other software.

  • Resize the columns : each column can be resized : put the cursor to the column's header, on the right-hand border. The cursor's icon changes and shows two arrows. Drag the border to the right or to the left, as in a spreadsheet.

  • Sort by a column : change the records order by sorting them. Simply click on a column's header. A triangle shows the sorting order. If the triangle has its base down, the sorting order is ascending (from A to Z). If you click a second time in the header, the triangle's tip is put down and the sorting order is descending (from Z to A). Please note that if you want to sort with several fields, use the Action>Sort... command.

  • Add a column : you can display additional fields. Right-click in the header of an empty column and select in the contextual menu the name of the field to be displayed in that column.

  • Insert a column : Right-click in the header of a column and choose the Insert column command in the contextual menu. A new column is inserted on the left. With a right-click in the header of the new column, choose which field should be displayed in this column.

  • Delete a column : right-click in the header of the column you want to delete and choose the Delete column command. The column disappears (but of course the corresponding field is not emptied in the records).

  • Cancel all customizations : if you have customized the View mode and you'd like to go back to the standard View mode, call the Edit>Display standard columns command.

When you customize the View mode, this customization is saved for the current user account. If several accounts have been created in the database, each user can customize the View mode differently.


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