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Loan management

Use this module to record loans, renewals, returns and reservations. Loan tracking is made easy and sending reminders automated.

Registration of loans

The loans management window is specially designed for maximum efficiency in the recording of loans, renewals, returns and reservations. You identify the readers with a bar code (if the readers have a card) or with their name. Titles are usually identified with a barcode.

All operations are carried out with great fluidity. The program warns you of any logical error (for example, the same copy cannot be borrowed or returned twice at the same time) or warns you in case of a particular event (for example, when returning a title, if the title is reserved by another reader).

BiblioMaker also manages the readers subscriptions and calculates fines for overdue loans. You can register the cashing in and print a receipt if you have the appropriate printer.


Loan tracking is much easier, since you can print the list of overdue loans with a few clicks and automatically generate loan reminders (printing a letter or sending an email). Similarly, you can notify readers who have reserved titles when their bookings are available, or you can let the software automatically send an email to readers to notify them of the close due date for their borrowings.



Easily print loan statistics, whether in tabular or graphical form. Statistics are broken down by category of document or reader. With these statistics, you know which type of reader borrows the most or which category of document has the most success, which can influence your acquisition policy.

Statistics are also useful when eliminating titles and help you choose which documents to dispose of first.

Light version

Purchase: from 150 CHF / €

Rental: from 11 CHF / € per month

Standard version

Purchase: from 1'900 CHF / €

Rental: from 64 CHF / € per month

PRO version

Purchase: from 1'900 CHF / €

Rental: from 64 CHF / € per month

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