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Add-on modules

Various modules extend the possibilities of the software. They are optional in order to match the expectations and budget of libraries as closely as possible.


Download of records from the web

from 75 CHF / €
or 9 CHF / € monthly
Accelerate the cataloguing
  • Enter the book's ISBN

  • The record is found on the web

  • Get it with one click

  • Enrich the record with the cover page

  • The whole operation in 20 seconds

Cataloguing your documents becomes child's play with this module. Save time on typing and get high-quality records from large libraries employing professionals.

This module is integrated in the PRO version.

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Web Public Search (WebOPAC)

from 75 CHF / €
or 9 CHF / € monthly
Your online catalogue
  • Your catalogue always up-to-date

  • Displays the availability of titles

  • Highlighting of new acquisitions

  • On computer, tablet and smartphone

  • Online booking of titles


Your catalogue is published online and can be accessed from your local network or the Internet using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Readers consult the availability of titles in real time and can book them online and also consult their account.

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Loan management (circulation)

from 150 CHF / €
or 11 CHF / € monthly
Manage the circulation of your titles
  • Recording of loans/returns

  • Reservation management

  • Automatic controls

  • Management of subscriptions and fines

  • Printing loan statistics

The recording of loans, renewals, reservations and returns is greatly accelerated by the use of barcodes. You always have control over current loans, reader subscriptions and reminders at a glance.

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Acquisitions management

from 75 CHF / €
or 9 CHF / € monthly
Ordering titles made easy
  • Registration of orders

  • Budgetary control

  • Generation of order forms

  • Data reused for cataloguing

  • Orders visible in the online catalogue

This module lets you record in the system all the data concerning your orders: description of the ordered titles, suppliers, prices, expected delivery times. After the generation of an order form, order tracking is child's play. And upon receipt of the documents, you reuse the order data for cataloguing.

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Thesaurus management

from 75 CHF / €
or 9 CHF / € monthly
Go further with subject headings
  • Managing a hierarchical directory

  • Browsing using links (referrals)

  • Multilingual directory

  • Categorization of subject headings

  • Available in the online catalogue

Organize your subject headings by creating a hierarchy and placing them in separate categories. The directory can be multilingual so that everyone works in their own language. The program ensures logical consistency of keyword cross-references. Browsing the subjects headings directory makes it easy to search for the most relevant words.

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Antiquarian books

from 75 CHF / €
or 9 CHF / € monthly
For knowledgeable collectors
  • Entering information on the title copy

  • Numerous input controls

  • Search by different criteria

  • History of loans and consultations

  • Developed for the Bodmer Foundation

This module is intended for collectors or institutions managing books from the beginning of printing and who wish to record additional information on their precious books: publisher, printer, bookbinder, former owners...

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In addition to the BiblioMaker software range, Micro Consulting develops and markets a complete range of software covering a wide range of business management fields.


Office Maker Finance, a simple, clear and professional accounting software.

Office Maker Business, for the commercial management of all types of companies.

Office Maker Staff, for the management of employees.

We invite you to visit our site to learn more about the possibilities offered. And of course, we are at your disposal to provide you with any information on our products.

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