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Hotline or
Service support ?

Update subscriptions and Cloud subscriptions do not include any free services from our specialists. 


However, a free first-level hotline is provided to subscribers for simple and brief questions of common use. These are handled by phone or e-mail, via the Technical Support command available in our software. In order to ensure that all the requests that we receive via this method are dealt with quickly, the intervention time for each case is limited to a few minutes.

All other cases require the intervention of one of our highly qualified specialists, whose services are always invoiced or deducted from a Support Credit. You can book an intervention at the date of your choice via our online booking system, the use of which implies acceptance of the general conditions. Services performed outside of the customer's presence (parameters, custom developments etc.) are always subject to a quote that must be accepted before the work begins.

Some examples:

Examples of hotline support 


  • How do I send my reminders by e-mail?

  • How do I update the frequencies for Authors, Indices or Materials?

  • Can you tell me how to print an inventory list?

  • I entered the same author with different spellings. How do I merge these different entries?

  • I would like to modify several dozens of records, can this operation be automated?

  • How can I define access authorizations for a new new collaborator?

  • I can't find a certain reader in the database. What is my error?

Examples of Support services (paid)


  • On-site or remote maintenance training

  • On-site or remote interventions with an appointment with a technician

  • Creation of personalized reports or print formats, data import

  • Parameterization: Sending e-mails, automatic calculation of reminder fees...

  • Installation of software

  • Analysis of the consistency test and correction of data...

  • Research of the origin of an anomaly (if after analysis the anomaly comes from a programming error, the intervention will of course not be invoiced)

In general, all in-depth explanations, troubleshooting, training and configuration are provided by our specialists and are subject to billing.

In case of urgent problem or imperative, contact us and we will put at your disposal one of our specialists or programmers to answer you as soon as possible. A flat fee of CHF 200 will be added to the price of the intervention, which requires your prior acceptance by e-mail.

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