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Core functions

Core functions are the heart of the software. They allow you to manage your different types of documents, your classification, your keywords, perform advanced searches and much more.

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from 290 CHF / €

or 16 CHF / € monthly
Managing small libraires

• Cataloguing of titles of any kind

• Easy and complex search functions

• Managing the classification

• Managing keywords

• Managing authors and series

• Printing using pre-defined templates

This version is aimed at libraries up to about 10'000 titles.

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from 2'400 CHF / €
or 79 CHF / € monthly
More flexibility when printing

• Editor for print templates
• Integrated word processor

• Labels editor
• Editor for export templates
• Editor for import templates

• No limit in the number of titles

A version for small and medium libraries that has all the functions of the Light version while integrating different editors offering more flexibility in printing lists, labels and export templates.

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from 5'800 CHF / €
or 183 CHF / € monthly
A maximum of functions

• Cataloguing templates with more fields

• Download of records from the web

• Automated stock taking
• Full serials management
• No limit in the number of titles

The PRO version includes the possibilities of the Light and Standard versions as well as a complete management of serials ; inventory management is made easier thanks to the use of a barcode scanner.

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