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The new version that blows your mind  
Native run on Apple M1 processors!



BiblioMaker 7.1 is the first Swiss library software to take full advantage of the exceptional power of the new M1 processors. These processors have been included in all new Macs over the past year and will soon be included in all models. 

Our tests comparing an iMac M1 to the best Intel MacBook Pro show speedups of 2 to 15 times depending on the operation.

The smoothness of the user interface offers an exceptional comfort of use.

But let's not only talk about Mac…

Searches on
millions of records
are now instantaneous!

BiblioMaker  7.1 has been optimized for Windows 11 as well as for all Intel and AMD processors and benefits from the most modern technologies.

Image de Claudio Schwarz

Improved on-screen printing on Windows

The previews now use Microsoft Print to PDF. You can save the PDF directly if you want to keep it.

Image de Joshua Sortino

Download of records from the web

From now on, when downloading a record from the web, the application is able to get links to digital resources such as a table of contents or an extract. These links can be downloaded as Hyperlinks linked to the title record.


A powerful word processor…

Word processing offers new perspectives for creative and professional layouts.



Your documents are laid out easily and in a structured way thanks to the new Tables function, among other features.


Take over your MS Word documents with the new .docx import.


Use your imagination to create all kinds of documents directly related to your data:


  • Forms

  • Descriptive sheets of your titles

  • Newsletters (e-mailings)

  • etc.

You won't believe your eyes…

Printed catalogs

The printed catalogs (author catalog, subject catalog, systematic catalog, title catalog) have been visually refreshed and contain the cover page and the summary of the titles. Different options allow you to vary the presentation of the lists.


But that's not all…


E-Mailing enriched

The "E-mailing" function available in the print dialog of the Addresses file has been considerably enriched by using the integrated word processor. This gives you the possibility to send e-mailings with a sophisticated layout (styled text, tables, illustrations).

Fichier 6_2x.png

Readers passwords

Every reader record contains a field for a password required in the online catalog for accessing to his account. Generating  a password is now automatic and you can set up minimal security requirements for the password length.

Fichier 14_2x.png

Loan statistics

From now on, loan statistics take into account first-time loans and renewals. Filling the questionnaire of the Federal Statistical Office is thus easier

Moreover, reservations and internal traffic are now also recorded in the statistics.

Fichier 12_2x.png

Simplified e-mail address export

Do you prefer to send your e-mailing with your usual mail application ? With a new fonction, just get all the e-mail addresses of your readers and paste them all into the "To" field in your e-mail app.


Link between Issues and Hyperlinks (PRO)

You can now link Hyperlink records to serial Issues records. The online catalog display such links in the Issues records.

Fichier 7_2x.png

Automated imports and exports

A new task in the Jobs scheduler lets you automate data import and exports.

Fichier 11_2x.png

Online catalog

Access to the online catalog can now be restricted to registered library users. When accessing the home page of the catalog, they must identify themselves and enter a password.

This protection is especially useful for private and corporate libraries hosted in the cloud.

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