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Have you already bought a software licence?
Focus on the essentials and delegate IT issues to us.

The concept

With BiblioMaker in the Cloud, your database is hosted in a data center located in Switzerland. You access it from your computers in complete transparency and you free yourself from the purchase and administration of a server.


  • The initial investment is low: no need to buy a server.

  • The start-up is fast. As the software is the same as the current one, no need to plan training.

  • No server administration: free yourself from updates of the operating system and BiblioMaker, backups, problem solving…

  • No risk for your data due to bad handling on the server.

  • Your data is hosted on an ultra-secure server in a data center located in Switzerland.

  • You manage your database from any device : PC under Windows or Mac. Online catalogue also accessible from a tablet or smartphone. VPN software not necessary.

  • The software being installed on your local computer, you can easily use a barcode reader, printer, hard disk, USB flash drive...

  • The fee is low.

  • You can switch later from the cloud to a local solution (or inversely).​


19 CHF / € per month and per connection for librarians

10 CHF / € per month for the online catalogue

300 CHF / € for cloud hosting commissioning (one-off expense)

These costs are in addition to the update subscription fee.

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