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Advantages of BiblioMaker Cloud

BiblioMaker is available as a Cloud version as well as a single-user or classic client-server version.

In any case, BiblioMaker will run in native mode on your preferred platform: macOS and/or Windows.


Cloud Advantages

  • Your data is hosted on a 100% Swiss server, efficient and secure.

  • Minimum investment.

  • No configuration to do to set up.

  • You can access your data from any Mac or PC and from anywhere (workplace, home...).

  • The administration of the server and the backups are done by us.

  • Updates are included and done automatically in the middle of the night.


Advantages of BiblioMaker Cloud compared to competing solutions

  • Client application native to each platform, with no remote terminal requirements.

  • No Windows interface for Mac users and vice versa.

  • Direct access to local disk, printers, file servers, barcode readers etc.

  • Ability to switch from a Cloud version to a local or client-server version.

  • Full ownership of your data files.

  • Customization possible of the software to specific needs.

  • No need to use a browser like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge which sometimes work differently and represent security risks.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.


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