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BiblioMaker 7 beta available in November

BiblioMaker 7 is a deeply overhauled version of our application. After more than 30 years of continuous evolution, the program needed a complete change of the internal engine in order to rely on the most modern technologies and guarantee their durability, as well as optimal performance.

Our team of programmers undertook this redesign two years ago and that's how we will directly jump 3 generations of the internal 4D database from v15 to v18. This provides 100% 64-bit execution, essential for compatibility with the latest macOS version Catalina, and the ability to manage very efficiently an almost unlimited amount of data.

We have therefore mainly devoted ourselves to a thorough modernization, which explains why version 7 brings relatively few new visible features. These will happen mainly with versions 7.1 and 7.2.

What's new in BiblioMaker 7

  • 64-bit execution and Catalina macOS compatibility, while remaining compatible with the same Windows (64-bit) and macOS versions as BiblioMaker 6. If you are on Windows 7 or 8, we nevertheless recommend a switch to Windows 10.

  • Smoother user interface and faster performance.

  • Enhanced encryption of data passing through the network (multi-user and Cloud versions).

  • Modern multi-windows on Windows (disappearance of the grey background window), which also allows two computer screens to be operated simultaneously, as was already the case for the macOS version.

  • New integrated word processor, much richer in possibilities and allowing the export of MS Word documents.

  • Redesign of the e-mail sending functions.

  • Other new features will be added between now and the final version 7.

Why a beta version ?

BiblioMaker offers a very wide range of functions and possibilities of use. Despite the many tests we have carried out internally, nothing beats concrete feedback from users. The biggest names in the software industry do this today, before releasing a major new version to all users. We hope to be able to count on the help of a large number of people and libraries to achieve the best possible quality in the final version.

Another reason is the publication by Apple at the beginning of October 2019 of the new version macOS Catalina. BiblioMaker 6.2 is incompatible with Catalina due to its 32-bit operation. Although we do not recommend that libraries immediately switch to a new major version of an operating system but wait a few months for it to stabilize with updates, we must offer a solution to those who would be in a hurry to install it or who would be forced to do so by purchasing a new computer pre-equipped with Catalina.

Is the beta version safe ?

By definition, a beta version contains some bugs that we undertake to correct as soon as possible after they are reported. We will also take into account any comments or suggestions regarding new features, which will allow you to influence the evolution of the program. Micro Consulting has been using Office Maker 7 versions (based on the same software platform as BiblioMaker 7) for its own administrative needs since last spring, without having encountered any major problems.

When will the final 7.0 update be ready ?

BiblioMaker 7.0 will be available by spring 2020.

How can I get the beta version ?

Simply contact our hotline or use the "Technical Support" command available in the File menu of the program. This request can be made at any time until the final version is available.

We would like to thank in advance all the people and libraries who will participate in the beta phase of the evolution of our software.

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