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BiblioMaker 7 is available

We are pleased to introduce the new features of version 7 of your BiblioMaker application.

A Tiger Under The Hood

For more than 30 years, we have been developing BiblioMaker in an environment that has always been at the cutting edge of technology. BiblioMaker 7 is based on the latest version of the 4D database which offers exceptional performances and possibilities. BiblioMaker users can rest assured that they have opted for a solution that combines experience, modernity and a vision of the future.

macOS Catalina, Big Sur And M1 Processor

Version 7, notarized by Apple, remains compatible with MacOS 10.14 Mojave. It is also optimized for MacOS 10.15 Catalina and MacOS 11 Big Sur, as well as compatible with the new Macs with M1 microprocessor.

Modernized Windows Interface

The gray background window has disappeared and the program integrates perfectly with Windows 10. It is now possible to run the software on several monitors.

Connection To The Server

Libraries that manage multiple data files will be delighted to be able to easily connect to all their data, whether local, remote or in the Cloud. The new connection wizard takes care of everything!

Other New Functions In Brief

The online catalog (WebOPAC) accepts the search for documents using non-Latin characters, such as the Armenian alphabet.

64-bit operation offering accelerated performance and access to unlimited memory and data.

New manuals in French, German and English fully up to date.

New configuration wizard simplifying the first connection to the cloud.

Switching server without leaving the client application.

New data file opening dialog both simplified and enriched.

New encrypted network architecture allowing the client workstation to remain in standby mode for several hours.

New architecture for sending emails offering better compatibility with all email clients.

New command "Configure backups" (non Cloud versions).

New command "Receive a backup" (client and Cloud versions) allowing to obtain a local backup.


Don't forget to consult our Documentation page. There you will find important information about the recommended environment for version 7 and installation or update guides.


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