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How to customise the favorites bar

BiblioMaker 6 contains a "Favorites bar" that lets you access the most used elements with a single click. Discover how to customise this bar.

The favorites bar is displayed on the left hand side of the main window. This bar gives a quick access to the often used elements : files, print, export and import templates and saved search criteria.

After BiblioMaker 6 has been installed, the favorites bar automatically contains some elements. But you can customise the bar as follows :

Adding a favorite

If you want to add a file, display the file with the Data menu. The file name appears in the favorites bar with the star icon on the left. Click on the star in order to "attach" it to the bar.

If you want to add a print, export or import template, call the Print, Export or Import command. Select the template, then click on the star icon on the dialog box bottom.

If you want to add search criteria, call the Action>Search command, define the search criteria, then click on the Save button. In the next dialog box, click on the star icon, then on Validate button. If the search criteria has already been saved, click on the Load button in the search editor, select in the list the saved search, then click on the star icon.

Deleting a favorite

You delete a favorite by right-clicking on it and by selecting the "Remove [favorite name] from favorites".

Move a favorite

You can change the favorites order in a group : do a long click on the favorite and drag it vertically.

The favorites bar settings can be different for each user account.


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