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How to quickly change the loan duration of several titles

Maybe your library could want to change its circulation policy and the loan duration for some of its titles. You will find here how you can do these changes.

Please note that you must change two things :

  • Change the loan duration by default for the title type. This change has an effect only on future titles you will enter.

  • Change the loan duration for existing titles

You change the loan duration by default in the Titles Options. When viewing titles, choose the Action>Options command, select the title type (for instance Book, DVD...) and click on "Modify". Change the value of the "Loan duration" field.

You change the loan duration for existing titles as follows :

In the Titles file, search for the titles corresponding to the title type. Then, call the Action>Linked records>Copies command. You find the copies linked to the selected titles. This selection can contain several loan durations, as some copies could be an exception at the level of the loan duration. This is why it is recommended to search for the copies containing only the loan duration you want to change :

Call the Action>Search command and enter the following search criterion :

Duration is equal to [loan duration you want to change] Don't forget to choose the "In the selection" value in the "Mode" pop-up menu.

After you have found the copies, call the Action>Apply>Loan duration command and enter the new loan duration. After you have validated the dialog, the program modifies the selected copies.


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