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Inform your readers before they have overdue loans

BiblioMaker has a function for warning your readers by e-mail some days before their loans become overdue.

Often, your readers don't have in mind the exact day of return for their loans. BiblioMaker can remind them this date par e-mail some days before their loan become overdue.

BiblioMaker can be set up as follows in order to send reminders by e-mail :

  • The software must be set up in order to be able to send e-mails. If you already send reminders to readers or orders to suppliers by e-mail, this first condition is already met. Otherwise, configue the system in the Maintenance (File>Maintenance, then Other>Configure sending e-mails). Create a new configuration. Please read the BiblioMaker handbook for further details.

  • Enter the readers e-mail address in their address record.

  • Add a new task to the Job scheduler (available with the File>Maintenance, then Maintenance>Job scheduler commands). The task has as action to be taken "E-mail to readers for nearly due loans". In the options of this task, select the e-mail address to use for sending e-mails, the deadline (usually some days before the date of return) and maybe filters.

  • Define the recurrence for executing the task too : generally, e-mails should be sent each day, so that each reader is informed on time. Only 1 e-mail per reader and per loan is sent.

After the task has been saved, the system automatically sends the e-mails on due time. If you work with the single-user version and you turn your computer off during the night or on week-ends, you should program the task execution during the day. If you work with the client-server version, the task will be executed on the server and you can turn the workstations off without interrupting the job scheduler.

By turning this function on, you should have less overdue loans and thus, send less reminders.


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