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macOS 11 Big Sur recommended

Apple released last fall the version 11 of macOS, named "Big Sur". This update introduces many new features, including an aesthetics closer to iOS used on the iPhone and iPad.

On February 1, 2021, Apple released version 11.2 with corrections to its operating system. From then on, according to our tests, Big Sur gains enough stability to be recommended to BiblioMaker 7 users.

If you want to upgrade your Mac to Big Sur, open your System Preferences>Software Update and click the Upgrade Now button. If this option is not offered to you, your Mac may not be upgradeable to Big Sur: your Mac must be at least 2013 old (2015 for some models).

Warning: Big Sur like its predecessor Catalina (macOS 10.15) are only compatible with applications running in 64-bit mode. Please make sure before upgrading your Mac that you are not yet using 32-bit applications (such as BiblioMaker 6). If this is the case, please update these applications to 64-bit versions before installing Big Sur.

macOS Big Sur


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