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Management of authors known under several names

Some authors are known under several names, either because people have written with a pseudonym or a collectivity has an acronym and a full name (for instance "United Nations" and "UN").

With BiblioMaker, you can group all known names of an author in order to guide the readers during searches. For instance, if you have decided to use the "United Nations" name and a reader searches with "UN", he will find the titles entered under "United Nations" thanks to the referrals you have created.

Here how you manage referrals :

  • First, enter the author's name you want to use (in our example "United Nations")

  • When viewing the authors' file, select the author and click on the "Referrals" button or choose Action>Referrals

  • In the dialog for managing referrals, click on "Add" and enter the alternative author name (for instance "UN"). Repeat this process if you want to enter additional alternative names

From now on, if a reader searches using the "UN" name, he will find the titles entered with the "United Nations" name.


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