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Microsoft Surface Pro 11 for BiblioMaker

Microsoft has recently renewed its Surface computer range. The special feature of the Surface Pro model is that it can be used alternately as a laptop with keyboard and as a tablet, after detaching the keyboard.

This flexibility may be of interest to some Office Maker users wishing to use a touch-sensitive tablet with their favorite program.

The most interesting new feature of this new generation is the abandonment of Intel's x86 processor family in favor of a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor based on ARM technology. This choice dramatically increases battery life, enabling up to 14 hours of uninterrupted operation. What's more, the integration of the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) greatly accelerates the use of artificial intelligence (Copilot function).

Thanks to Prism, the x86-to-ARM instruction translation technology, applications developed for Intel processors run smoothly on Surface computers, at a speed comparable to their native operation on x86 processors.

These models are equipped with Windows 11. With the optional 5G connection available from autumn 2024, they can also be used to connect to our cloud server.


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