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New : BiblioMaker in the Cloud

Happy librarian

Do you want to access the BiblioMaker database from anywhere ?

Another happy librarian

Do you wish to delegate the administration of a server and all its constraints, such as operating system and BiblioMaker updates, backups and problem solving ?

Piggy bank

Does the initial investment to purchase a software license exceed your budget ?

A happy IT-manager

Would you like to publish your catalogue on the web without endangering the security of your computer network ?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, our new Cloud BiblioMaker service will interest you!

Its principle is simple: the BiblioMaker data file is stored on a server located in an ultra-secure data center in Switzerland. You install the "BiblioMaker Client" software on your PC or Mac to manage your data file remotely. The program is offered for rent, which reduces the initial costs.

The rental price starts at CHF 16.00 / € 12.00 per month and depends on various factors, such as software version, number of workstations, etc. It includes hosting, updates and access to the hotline without surcharge.

You can find more information about this service on our website on the Cloud page.


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