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New version 7.3 : Enhancements to the integrated word processor

BiblioMaker features a powerful Microsoft Office-compatible word processor, with the ability to integrate data from the database. For example, you can easily prepare a mailing or e-mailing to send to your customers or prospects, create forms, or create superb PDF sheets about new acquired books.

The word processor in version 7.3 has the following new features:

You can create a block of text that overlays existing text. This offers you additional possibilities for sophisticated page layout by adding headers, title blocks or frames that can be freely moved around the page. Text blocks offer the same functions as main text, and can be used to insert images, tables or data from the database. They are compatible with Microsoft Word text blocks for export or import. They can be used for printed documents or the creation of PDF documents, but not for e-mailing.

Document editing is made easier by a simplified display: formulas such as automatic page numbering, the current date or the complete address of the recipient are replaced by a symbol. The symbol's tooltip is useful for identifying the inserted formula afterwards, and a double-click on the formula allows you to define the format of a date or number, for example.

Another improvement is to hide the empty frame that used to appear around images that were missing or of an incompatible format.


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