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New version 7.3 : Simplified configuration of backups with the single-user version

Setting up automatic backups has been greatly simplified in the single-user versions: in Configuration (accessible via the Other button (cogwheel icon) on the main window's button bar), a new Backups folder button lets you define the folder where you wish to save backups.

This folder should be located on a different disk from the data file, to protect against the latter's failure, or better still, on a cloud volume, to protect against computer theft or fire. It is also possible to save your backup file in the cloud via a service such as Swiss Backup.

We strongly recommend that you define this folder for backups. A backup of the changes made will be made continuously during your work every 20 seconds (logging) and a full backup when you quit the program. The last backup of the day is kept for 7 days, and the last backup of the month for one year.


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