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Query the catalogue of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek with the SRU protocol

You usually access the catalogue of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB) and download records with your web browser or BiblioMaker. But the downloaded records must often be "cleaned up", as they contain unwanted data you cannot filter automatically. You can save time by using the SRU protocol when querying the DNB catalogue, as the downloaded records are already "clean".

The SRU protocol has been thought for a dialog between computers, therefore data are sent in a structured way, but without any layout information. Consequently, the delivered data are "cleaner" and contain only what you need. Moreover, the way the data are delivered changes more rarely than in the online catalogue. These are the reasons why we recommend to query the DNB catalogue over the SRU protocol. This access is free.

If you want to use this protocol, please follow the steps below :

  1. The DNB requires that you create an account on their web site. You will find a registration form under :

  2. You will receive an e-mail generated automatically that contains a link for confirming your registration.

  3. Log in to your new account :

  4. In your account, please ask for the access to the "Datenshop".

  5. You will then receive an "access token". This token is a code containing about 30 characters. Each query you will send to the DNB catalogue must contain this code. Please register this access token in BiblioMaker as follows :

  6. Modify the template "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek SRU" with the File>Maintenance command, then Other>Configure the search of records on the web in order to register the "access token".

  7. Fill up the "Database name" field and enter the following data : sru/accessToken~[your access token]/dnb

After you have saved the template, you can query the DNB catalogue over SRU.

Of course, we stay at your disposal in order to help you for the steps 6 and 7. But please do the steps 1 to 5 before contacting us.


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