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BiblioMaker offers a unique, elegant and simple interface.

A clear and consistent presentation.


The main window of the software offers a large number of possibilities while keeping a simple interface.


The button bar lets you add, edit or delete records, perform searches and print lists.

On the left, the bookmark bar provides access to the most frequently used items: files, print templates, exports and imports, and search formulas.

The bookmark bar is customizable by adding or deleting bookmarks.

In the main part, the records are displayed as a list. The display of the list is also customizable: you can change the width and order of the columns, add or delete columns, sort the records with a simple click on a column header.

Under a simple appearance, the software has a wealth of functions.

A presentation as you wish, simply.

Customize all your printed documents completely and easily...

In the Standard and PRO versions of BiblioMaker, various editing tools are available to create or modify print or export templates.

For example, you can create a print template for your list of new acquisitions, labels, a list of students in a school's classrooms or reminders.

Editing tools are offered in graphical form and require no programming knowledge. Once you have created a print template, you can reuse it as many times as you want with different content each time.

Automatic updates.


Updating software, a chore... that you can forget.


When the software starts up, it checks whether an update is available and informs the user accordingly. The new features brought by the update are displayed and the user can decide whether to start the installation immediately, later or wait for the next version.

The installation of the update is fully automatic, both in single-user and multi-user versions. A good reason to work with the current version of the software!

A complete and illustrated documentation.


The program is described in a variety of comprehensive documents. They are accessible directly from the software. 


The software is accompanied by a comprehensive reference manual and other documents that make it easy to use.

The manual contains numerous illustrations and links for easy navigation. A detailed index and search function are available to quickly find the information you need.

Documentation is updated when new versions of the software are released.

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