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BiblioMaker offers features that you won't find anywhere else and that you won't soon be able to do without.

Selection of records: freedom at last!


You have complete freedom in selecting the data you want to process.

No more complex filter systems.

You select a record with one click. To select several at the same time, press Shift or Ctrl/Command. You can use the scrollbar to select further records.

Once the records have been highlighted, click the Isolate button to display only those records. Most actions (Modify, Delete, Print) will only apply to the selected records.

Find instantly what you are looking for…


We challenge you not to find what you are looking for! 

Numerous research possibilities are available:

Case recherche.png

At the top right of the main window, enter a term in the search box and get instantly the related records.


With the Find function, combine several search criteria to find the records more precisely: only the records corresponding to all the search criteria are displayed.

You may of course define only one or two criteria for a wider search.


The Search function is the one that offers you the most advanced searches thanks to the combination of all criteria.


Interestingly, the search formulas can be saved for later reuse, for example from the favorites bar. This way, you can perform the most frequent searches with a single mouse click.

…also without ever touching your keyboard!


Use the Linked records search function to explore the links between the database files and find answers to everyday questions with just a few clicks:


Here are a few examples of searches that you can do very easily:

- Is this title available or loaned?

- Do we have multiple copies of this title?

- What titles from a series or collection do we have?

- What titles do we have in the "English History" section?

- What are the current loans from Professor Smith's class 2B?

- What is the telephone number of the borrower of this title?

A tedious data mutation? Never again.


Make a change on a set of records in one step...


You would like to assign the same value to tens or hundreds of records in a particular field, but hesitate about the depressing prospect of having to modify each card one after the other? Rejoice, we have a solution that will only take a few seconds!

With the Apply command, this operation is done in no time at all: select the records to be modified, call up the Apply command, choose in which field the value is to be applied and start the modification.

Congratulations, you just saved hours of work!

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