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The new Mac mini M2 for BiblioMaker

Apple unveiled in mid-January an improved Mac mini based on a new M2 processor that provides a noticeable speed-up over its M1 predecessor and far exceeds the performance of Intel processors of equivalent range.

The Mac mini is available with a choice of two processor variants, the M2 and the M2 Pro. The second variant is especially useful for graphic designers and video professionals. For the use of BiblioMaker, however, the "simple" M2 variant is more than sufficient.

The Mac mini can be perfectly used as a workstation, but also as a server to host BiblioMaker Server, even in its most affordable version sold for around CHF 650 and equipped with 8 GB of RAM. If your data files are larger than 1 GB, it may be recommended to double your RAM to 16 GB. As a reminder, the memory cannot be increased afterwards, so choosing the right size when ordering the computer is crucial.

In principle, a 256 GB disk and a Giga Ethernet network speed should be more than enough.

Remember that our software is cross-platform, so a Mac server can also serve a network of Windows machines (and vice versa). Moreover, the 7.1 versions of BiblioMaker are optimized for M1 and M2 processors, offering exceptional performance on these platforms.

Rarely has a Mac been so affordable. Therefore, if your current workstations or server are old, don't hesitate to renew your hardware.


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